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Upcoming Webinar: The Role of Genetic Testing Panels in Clinical Practice

Posted by Courtagen Staff on Jul 27, 2016 4:08:36 PM
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Genetic testing has become a powerful addition to the clinician's toolbox that can be deployed to help identify a definitive diagnosis and inform patient care, especially for neurological and metabolic disorders. 
Many persons who are affected by neurological and metabolic disorders do not fit into one particular category and present with a variety of symptoms. Comprehensive Next Generation Sequencing tests analyze multiple genes that are associated with these conditions, allowing clinicians to identify rare genetic disorders more quickly and more definitively than traditional methods. Early identification of these disorders give patients better and earlier access to support services and interventions that can greatly improve their quality of life. Furthermore, clinicians can tailor treatments for these conditions to match their patients' unique genotype. 
If you have ever wanted to know how to incorporate genetic testing into your clinical practice, join us on September 9, 12 PM EST/9 AM PST for our latest webinar, Gene Panels: A Powerful Addition to the Clinician's Toolbox. Dr. Christine Stanley, American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics certified molecular geneticist and Chief Lab Director for Courtagen Life Sciences, will present on the role of genetic testing panels in clinical practice, including:
  • Overview of the advantages and limitations of different genetic tests
  • Inside look into the tools and expertise used to assess genetic variants and generate meaningful results
  • Review of real cases illustrating how genetic diagnoses inform treatment decisions and produce positive results

We hope you can join us. Please use the button below to register for the webinar.

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